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2022 ISE BARCELONA 2022 Brand Presentation CentoLight A BUSINESS

WHO IS CENTOLIGHT CentoLight is a completely new brand in which coexist the expertise and the experience of the group Frenexport. Frenexport is a company that has been in the international market for over 40 years. CentoLight was born to meet the needs of the market, aiming to offer lighting designers, renters and technical installers useful and efficient products. The attention to detail and the meticulous research for technologies and materials are some of the main ingredients that you can find in the new professional lighting product lines. From the small LED projectors to the most advanced and powerful moving heads laser, through control units, laser systems, matrices and blinder, effects of various kinds and a complete set of accessories and consumable materials. Once again Frenexport along with CentoLight stands as a single, reliable representative, able to follow the customer with the same passion and commitment from the decision-making phase until the after-sales. USEFUL, EFFICIENT, INNOVATIVE AND EASY-TO-USE PRODUCTS ISE BARCELONA 2022 Brand Presentation CentoLight TECHNOLOGY AND PRODUCTS The world of professional lighting, especially in recent years, is literally full of more or less effective and more or less useful products. The CentoLight R&D team started with a clear goal from the beginning, to offer users useful, functional products that can brilliantly and practically solve the work needs of those who operate in the professional lighting sector. The technologies and components used are carefully selected and constantly improved, thanks to the collaboration with the best partners. In this way, they can offer the best quality at a competitive price, which therefore affects the final price to the customer.

INSTALLATION ISE BARCELONA 2022 Brand Presentation CentoLight Since its appearance on the market, CentoLight offers a wide range product catalogue, in which any professional and architectural light operator can find the most suitable solution to their needs and those of the client. CentoLight lights can be installed in many venues and during events, including touring events, festivals and concerts, TV shows, exhibitions, museums or houses and business spaces. CONTACTS centolight.com info@frenexport.it Headquarter: Via Enzo Ferrari, 10, 62017 Porto Recanati MC (Italy)